DateEventResultsMedal StatisticEvent FactorCountryType
2024-06-27Karate1 Youth League - Poreč 20244 CROATIA (CRO)Karate1 Youth League
2024-05-31Karate1 Premier League - Casablanca 20246 MOROCCO (MAR)Karate1 Premier League
2024-05-23PKF Senior Championships 2024 - Punta del Este6 URUGUAY (URU)Continental Championship
2024-05-16Karate1 Youth League - A Coruña 20244 SPAIN (ESP)Karate1 Youth League
2024-05-08EKF Senior Championships 2024 - Zadar6 CROATIA (CRO)Continental Championship
2024-05-08EKF PARA-Karate Championships 2024 - Zadar6 CROATIA (CRO)Continental Championship
2024-04-252024 Senior Oceania Championship6 AUSTRALIA (AUS)Continental Championship
2024-04-19Karate1 Premier League - Cairo 20246 EGYPT (EGY)Karate1 Premier League
2024-03-15Karate1 Premier League - Antalya 20246 TURKIYE (TUR)Karate1 Premier League
2024-03-07UFAK SENIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS 2024 - ACCRA6 GHANA (GHA)Continental Championship
2024-02-22Karate1 Youth League - Fujairah 20244 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (UAE)Karate1 Youth League
2024-02-16Karate1 Series A - Larnaca 20245 CYPRUS (CYP)Karate1 Series A
2024-02-09EKF Junior, Cadet & U21 Championships 2024 - Tbilisi6 GEORGIA (GEO)Continental Championship
2024-01-26Karate1 Premier League - Paris 20246 FRANCE (FRA)Karate1 Premier League
2024-01-12Karate1 Series A - Athens 20245 GREECE (GRE)Karate1 Series A
2023-12-07Karate1 Youth League - Venice 20234 ITALY (ITA)Karate1 Youth League
2023-11-24Karate1 Series A - Matosinhos 20235 PORTUGAL (POR)Karate1 Series A
2023-11-06The 21st Asian Cadet Junior & U21 Championship 20236 KAZAKHSTAN (KAZ)Continental Championship
2023-10-24WKF Senior World Championships 2023 - Budapest12 HUNGARY (HUN)World Championship
2023-10-24WKF Para-Karate World Championships 2023 - Budapest12 HUNGARY (HUN)World Championship
2023-09-29Karate1 Series A - Larnaca 20235 CYPRUS (CYP)Karate1 Series A
2023-09-21Karate1 Youth League - Merida 2023 4 MEXICO (MEX)Karate1 Youth League
2023-09-08Karate1 Premier League - Dublin 20236 IRELAND (IRL)Karate1 Premier League
2023-08-24PKF Junior, Cadet & U21 Championships 2023 - Santiago6 CHILE (CHI)Continental Championship
2023-08-14UFAK CADET, JUNIOR & SENIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS 2023 - Casablanca6 MOROCCO (MAR)Continental Championship
2023-07-21THE 19TH ASIAN SENIOR CHAMPIONSHIP 20236 MALAYSIA (MAS)Continental Championship
2023-07-21THE 2ND ASIAN PARA CHAMPIONSHIP 20236 MALAYSIA (MAS)Continental Championship
2023-06-30OKF Senior and U21 Championships 20236 NEW ZEALAND (NZL)Continental Championship
2023-06-29Karate1 Youth League - Porec 2023 4 CROATIA (CRO)Karate1 Youth League
2023-06-09Karate1 Premier League - Fukuoka 20236 JAPAN (JPN)Karate1 Premier League
2023-05-26PKF SENIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS 2023 - SAN JOSE6 COSTA RICA (CRC)Continental Championship
2023-05-12Karate1 Premier League - Rabat 20236 MOROCCO (MAR)Karate1 Premier League
2023-05-052023 Cadet and Junior Oceania Championship 6 AUSTRALIA (AUS)Continental Championship
2023-04-27Karate1 Youth League - A Coruña 20234 SPAIN (ESP)Karate1 Youth League
2023-04-14Karate1 Series A - Richmond-Vancouver 20235 CANADA (CAN)Karate1 Series A
2023-03-22EKF Senior Championships 2023 - Guadalajara6 SPAIN (ESP)Continental Championship
2023-03-22EKF PARA-Karate Championships 2023 - Guadalajara6 SPAIN (ESP)Continental Championship
2023-03-10Karate1 Series A - Konya 20235 TURKIYE (TUR)Karate1 Series A
2023-02-03EKF Junior, Cadet & U21 Championships 2023 - Larnaca6 CYPRUS (CYP)Continental Championship
2023-01-27Karate1 Premier League - Cairo 20236 EGYPT (EGY)Karate1 Premier League
2023-01-13Karate1 Series A - Athens 20235 GREECE (GRE)Karate1 Series A
2023-01-01Karate1 Series A 2022 - Participation Bonus Points1 WKF (WKF)Others
2022-12-16The 18th Asian Senior, 20th Asian cadet, Junior & U21, and 1st Asian Para Karate Championship 20226 UZBEKISTAN (UZB)Continental Championship
2022-12-09Karate1 Youth League - Venice 20224 ITALY (ITA)Karate1 Youth League
2022-11-28UFAK CADET, JUNIOR & SENIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS 2022 - Durban6 SOUTH AFRICA (RSA)Continental Championship
2022-11-18Karate1 Series A - Jakarta 20225 INDONESIA (INA)Karate1 Series A
2022-10-26WKF Cadet, Junior and U21 World Championships 2022 - Konya 12 TURKIYE (TUR)World Championship
2022-09-23Karate1 Series A - Koçaeli 20225 TURKIYE (TUR)Karate1 Series A
2022-09-02Karate1 Premier League - Baku 20226 AZERBAIJAN (AZE)Karate1 Premier League
2022-08-25PKF Junior, Cadet & U21 Championships 2022 - Mexico 6 MEXICO (MEX)Continental Championship
2022-07-01Karate1 Youth League - Porec 2022 4 CROATIA (CRO)Karate1 Youth League
2022-06-17EKF Junior, Cadet & U21 Championships 2022 - Prague 6 CZECH REPUPLIC (CZE)Continental Championship
2022-06-10Karate1 Series A - Cairo 20225 EGYPT (EGY)Karate1 Series A
2022-05-25EKF Senior Championships 2022 - Gaziantep 6 TURKIYE (TUR)Continental Championship
2022-05-25EKF PARA Senior Championships 2022 - Gaziantep 6 TURKIYE (TUR)Continental Championship
2022-05-23PKF Senior Championships 2022 - Curacao6 CURACAO (CUR)Continental Championship
2022-05-13Karate1 Premier League - Rabat 20226 MOROCCO (MAR)Karate1 Premier League
2022-04-29Karate1 Youth League - Limassol 20224 CYPRUS (CYP)Karate1 Youth League
2022-04-22Karate1 Premier League - MATOSINHOS 20226 PORTUGAL (POR)Karate1 Premier League
2022-02-18Karate1 Premier League - Fujairah 20226 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (UAE)Karate1 Premier League
2022-01-28Karate1 Series A - Pamplona 20225 SPAIN (ESP)Karate1 Series A
2022-01-21Karate1 Youth League - Acapulco 20224 MEXICO (MEX)Karate1 Youth League
2021-12-09Karate1 Youth League - Venice 20214 ITALY (ITA)Karate1 Youth League
2021-12-03UFAK CADET, JUNIOR & SENIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS 2021 - CAIRO6 EGYPT (EGY)Continental Championship
2021-11-16WKF Senior World Championships 2021 - Dubai 12 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (UAE)World Championship
2021-11-16WKF PARA-Karate Championships 2021 - Dubai12 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (UAE)World Championship
2021-10-18PKF Senior Championships 20216 URUGUAY (URU)Continental Championship
2021-10-02Karate1 Premier League - Moscow 20216 RUSSIAN FEDERATION (RUS)Karate1 Premier League
2021-09-17Karate1 Youth League - Istanbul 20214 TURKIYE (TUR)Karate1 Youth League
2021-09-04Karate1 Premier League - Cairo 20216 EGYPT (EGY)Karate1 Premier League
2021-08-20EKF Junior, Cadet & U21 Championships 2021 - Tampere6 FINLAND (FIN)Continental Championship
2021-07-02Karate1 Youth League - Porec 20214 CROATIA (CRO)Karate1 Youth League
2021-06-04Karate1 Youth League - Limassol 20214 CYPRUS (CYP)Karate1 Youth League
2021-05-19EKF Senior Championships 20216 CROATIA (CRO)Continental Championship
2021-04-30Karate1 Premier League - Lisbon 20216 PORTUGAL (POR)Karate1 Premier League
2021-03-12Karate1 Premier League - Istanbul 20216 TURKIYE (TUR)Karate1 Premier League
2020-02-28Karate1 Premier League - Salzburg 20206 AUSTRIA (AUT)Karate1 Premier League
2020-02-14Karate1 Premier League - Dubai 20206 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (UAE)Karate1 Premier League
2020-02-07UFAK Junior & Senior Championships - Tangier 20206 MOROCCO (MAR)Continental Championship
2020-02-0747th EKF Junior & Cadet and U21 Championships - Budapest 6 HUNGARY (HUN)Continental Championship
2020-01-24Karate1 Premier League - Paris 20206 FRANCE (FRA)Karate1 Premier League
2020-01-10Karate1 Series A - Santiago 20203 CHILE (CHI)Karate1 Series A
2019-12-12Karate1 Youth League - Venice-Jesolo 20193 ITALY (ITA)Karate1 Youth League
2019-11-29Karate1 Premier League - Madrid 20196 SPAIN (ESP)Karate1 Premier League
2019-10-23WKF Cadet, Junior & U21 World Championships 2019 - Santiago 12 CHILE (CHI)World Championship
2019-10-04Karate1 Premier League - Moscow 20196 RUSSIAN FEDERATION (RUS)Karate1 Premier League
2019-09-27Karate1 Youth League - Mexico 2019 3 MEXICO (MEX)Karate1 Youth League
2019-09-20Karate1 Series A - Santiago 2019 3 CHILE (CHI)Karate1 Series A
2019-09-06Karate1 Premier League - Tokyo 2019 6 JAPAN (JPN)Karate1 Premier League
2019-08-29PKF Junior, Cadet & U21 Championships - Guayaquil 2019 6 ECUADOR (ECU)Continental Championship
2019-07-12UFAK Junior & Senior Championships - Gaborone 20196 BOTSWANA (BOT)Continental Championship
2019-07-05Karate1 Youth League - Umag 20193 CROATIA (CRO)Karate1 Youth League
2019-06-21Karate1 Series A - Montreal 20193 CANADA (CAN)Karate1 Series A
2019-06-07Karate1 Premier League - Shanghai 20196 PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF CHINA (CHN)Karate1 Premier League
2019-05-17Karate1 Series A - Istanbul 20193 TURKIYE (TUR)Karate1 Series A
2019-05-03Karate1 Youth League - Limassol 20193 CYPRUS (CYP)Karate1 Youth League
2019-04-2618th AKF CADET, JUNIOR and U21 CHAMPIONSHIP, KOTA KINABALU 2019 6 MALAYSIA (MAS)Continental Championship
2019-04-19Karate1 Premier League - Rabat 20196 MOROCCO (MAR)Karate1 Premier League
2019-04-12OKF Senior Championships 20196 AUSTRALIA (AUS)Continental Championship
2019-03-28EKF Senior Championships 20196 SPAIN (ESP)Continental Championship
2019-03-18PKF Senior Championships 20196 PANAMA (PAN)Continental Championship
2019-03-01Karate1 Series A - Salzburg 20193 AUSTRIA (AUT)Karate1 Series A
2019-02-15Karate1 Premier League - Dubai 2019 6 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (UAE)Karate1 Premier League
2019-02-0846th EKF Junior & Cadet and U21 Championships - Aalborg6 DENMARK (DEN)Continental Championship
2019-01-25Karate1 Premier League - Paris 20196 FRANCE (FRA)Karate1 Premier League
2018-12-14Karate1 Youth League - Caorle-Venice 20183 ITALY (ITA)Karate1 Youth League
2018-12-07Karate1 Series A - Shanghai 2018 3 PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF CHINA (CHN)Karate1 Series A
2018-11-06WKF Senior World Championship 201812 SPAIN (ESP)World Championship
2018-10-27Karate1 Youth League - Cancun-Quitana Roo 2018 3 MEXICO (MEX)Karate1 Youth League
2018-10-12Karate1 Premier League - Tokyo 20186 JAPAN (JPN)Karate1 Premier League
2018-09-21Karate1 Series A - Santiago 20183 CHILE (CHI)Karate1 Series A
2018-09-14Karate1 Premier League - Berlin 20186 GERMANY (GER)Karate1 Premier League
2018-08-31UFAK Junior & Senior Championships 20186 RWANDA (RWA)Continental Championship
2018-08-20PKF Junior, Cadet & U21 Championships 20186 BRAZIL (BRA)Continental Championship
2018-07-0815TH AKF SENIOR CHAMPIONSHIP 20186 JORDAN (JOR)Continental Championship
2018-07-06Karate1 Youth League - Umag 20183 CROATIA (CRO)Karate1 Youth League
2018-06-1332nd Pan American Senior Karate Championship Santiago 20186 CHILE (CHI)Continental Championship
2018-06-08Karate1 Premier League - Istanbul 20186 TURKIYE (TUR)Karate1 Premier League
2018-05-25Karate1 Youth League - Sofia 20183 BULGARIA (BUL)Karate1 Youth League
2018-05-1053rd EKF Senior Championships6 SERBIA (SRB)Continental Championship
2018-05-0617TH AKF CADET, JUNIOR AND U21 CHAMPIONSHIP 20186 JAPAN (JPN)Continental Championship
2018-04-06Karate1 Premier League - Rabat 20186 MOROCCO (MAR)Karate1 Premier League
2018-03-16Karate1 Premier League - Rotterdam 20186 NETHERLANDS (NED)Karate1 Premier League
2018-03-02Karate1 Series A - Salzburg 20183 AUSTRIA (AUT)Karate1 Series A
2018-02-16Karate1 Premier League - Dubai 20186 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (UAE)Karate1 Premier League
2018-02-09Karate1 Series A - Guadalajara 20183 SPAIN (ESP)Karate1 Series A
2018-02-0245th EKF Junior & Cadet and U21 Championships6 RUSSIAN FEDERATION (RUS)Continental Championship
2018-01-26Karate1 Premier League - Paris 20186 FRANCE (FRA)Karate1 Premier League
2017-11-27Karate1 Series A - Okinawa 20173 JAPAN (JPN)Karate1 Series A
2017-10-25World Junior, Cadet and U21 Championships 201712 SPAIN (ESP)World Championship
2017-10-07Karate1 Series A - Salzburg 20173 AUSTRIA (AUT)Karate1 Series A
2017-09-23Karate1 Series A - Istanbul 20173 TURKIYE (TUR)Karate1 Series A
2017-09-08Karate1 Premier League - Halle/Leipzig 20175 GERMANY (GER)Karate1 Premier League
2017-08-232017 PKF Junior & Cadet Championships6 ARGENTINA (ARG)Continental Championship
2017-07-0916th AKF Cadet, Junior, U-21 and 14th AKF Senior Championships6 KAZAKHSTAN (KAZ)Continental Championship
2017-06-2610th WKF Training Camp & Karate1 Youth Cup3 CROATIA (CRO)Karate1 Youth League
2017-06-17Karate1 Series A - Toledo 20173 SPAIN (ESP)Karate1 Series A
2017-06-0216th Senior and 8th Junior UFAK Championships. Yaoundé,CAMEROUN6 CAMEROON (CMR)Continental Championship
2017-05-23XXXI Adults Pan American Karate Championship Curacao 20176 CURACAO (CUR)Continental Championship
2017-05-0452nd EKF Senior Championships6 TURKIYE (TUR)Continental Championship
2017-04-14Karate1 Premier League - Rabat 20175 MOROCCO (MAR)Karate1 Premier League
2017-03-31Karate1 Premier League - Dubai 20175 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (UAE)Karate1 Premier League
2017-03-17Karate1 Premier League - Rotterdam 20175 NETHERLANDS (NED)Karate1 Premier League
2017-02-1744th EKF Junior, Cadet and U21 Championships6 BULGARIA (BUL)Continental Championship
2017-01-27Karate1 Premier League - Paris 20175 FRANCE (FRA)Karate1 Premier League
2016-11-2115th AKF Cadet, Junior & U-21 Championships6 INDONESIA (INA)Continental Championship
2016-10-26WKF World Senior Championships 201612 AUSTRIA (AUT)World Championship
2016-10-01Karate1 Premier League - Okinawa 20164 JAPAN (JPN)Karate1 Premier League
2016-09-23Karate1 Premier League - Hamburg 20164 GERMANY (GER)Karate1 Premier League
2016-09-17Karate1 Premier League - Fortaleza 20164 BRAZIL (BRA)Karate1 Premier League
2016-09-1617th Oceania Karate Championships6 NEW CALEDONIA (NCL)Continental Championship
2016-09-03Karate1 Premier League - Istanbul 20164 TURKIYE (TUR)Karate1 Premier League
2016-08-222016 PKF Junior & Cadet Championships6 ECUADOR (ECU)Continental Championship
2016-06-27Karate1 Youth Cup Umag 20163 CROATIA (CRO)Karate1 Youth League
2016-05-23XXX Adults Pan American Karate Championship RIO 20166 BRAZIL (BRA)Continental Championship
2016-05-20Karate1 Premier League - Rabat 20164 MOROCCO (MAR)Karate1 Premier League
2016-05-0551st EKF Senior Championships6 FRANCE (FRA)Continental Championship
2016-04-15Karate1 Premier League - Salzburg 20164 AUSTRIA (AUT)Karate1 Premier League
2016-04-08Karate1 Premier League - Dubai 20164 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (UAE)Karate1 Premier League
2016-03-19Karate1 Premier League - Rotterdam 20164 NETHERLANDS (NED)Karate1 Premier League
2016-03-12Karate1 World Cup - Lasko 20163 SLOVENIA (SLO)Karate1 World Cup
2016-02-27Karate1 Premier League - Sharm El Sheikh 20164 EGYPT (EGY)Karate1 Premier League
2016-02-0543rd EKF Junior, Cadet and U21 Championships6 CYPRUS (CYP)Continental Championship
2016-01-22Karate1 Premier League - Paris 20164 FRANCE (FRA)Karate1 Premier League
2015-11-28Karate1 Premier League - Okinawa 20153 JAPAN (JPN)Karate1 Premier League
2015-11-12World Junior, Cadet and U21 Championships 201512 INDONESIA (INA)World Championship
2015-10-17Karate1 Premier League - Salzburg 20154 AUSTRIA (AUT)Karate1 Premier League
2015-09-26Karate1 Premier League - Coburg 20154 GERMANY (GER)Karate1 Premier League
2015-09-05Karate1 Premier League - Istanbul 20154 TURKIYE (TUR)Karate1 Premier League
2015-09-0413th AKF Senior Championships6 JAPAN (JPN)Continental Championship
2015-08-24PKF Junior & Cadet Championships 20156 BOLIVIA (BOL)Continental Championship
2015-06-29Karate1 Youth Cup 20153 CROATIA (CRO)Karate1 Youth League
2015-05-30Karate1 Premier League - Brazil 2015 4 BRAZIL (BRA)Karate1 Premier League
2015-03-1950th EKF Senior Championships6 TURKIYE (TUR)Continental Championship
2015-03-19XXIX Pan American Adult Karate Championship - Toronto 20156 CANADA (CAN)Continental Championship
2015-02-28Karate1 Premier League - Sharm El Sheikh 2015 4 EGYPT (EGY)Karate1 Premier League
2015-02-14Karate1 Premier League - Almere 2015 4 NETHERLANDS (NED)Karate1 Premier League
2015-02-0642nd EKF Junior, Cadet and U21 Championships6 SWITZERLAND (SUI)Continental Championship
2015-01-23Karate1 Premier League - Paris 2015 4 FRANCE (FRA)Karate1 Premier League
2014-11-05WKF World Senior Championships 201412 GERMANY (GER)World Championship
2014-10-18Balkan Senior Championship 20142 NORTH MACEDONIA (MKD)WKF Accredited Competition
2014-10-11Karate1 Premier League – Grand Final - Salzburg 20144 AUSTRIA (AUT)Karate1 Premier League
2014-09-27Karate1 Premier League - Hanau 20144 GERMANY (GER)Karate1 Premier League
2014-09-13Mediterranean Senior Championships 20144 MONTENEGRO (MNE)Mediterranean Games
2014-09-06Karate1 Premier League - Istanbul 20144 TURKIYE (TUR)Karate1 Premier League
2014-08-30Karate1 Premier League - Okinawa 20144 JAPAN (JPN)Karate1 Premier League
2014-08-282014 PKF Junior & Cadet Championships6 PERU (PER)Continental Championship
2014-08-1415th UFAK Senior Championships6 SENEGAL (SEN)Continental Championship
2014-06-30Karate 1 WKF Youth World Cup Umag 20143 CROATIA (CRO)Karate1 Youth League
2014-06-20Karate1 Premier League - Jakarta 20143 INDONESIA (INA)Karate1 Premier League
2014-05-26XXVIII Pan American Adult Karate Championship - Lima 20146 PERU (PER)Continental Championship
2014-05-0149th European Senior Championships 20146 FINLAND (FIN)Continental Championship
2014-03-15Karate1 World Cup - Thermana/Lasko 20143 SLOVENIA (SLO)Karate1 World Cup
2014-03-08Karate1 Premier League - Lotto Dutch Open 2014 - Almere Nederland4 NETHERLANDS (NED)Karate1 Premier League
2014-02-0741st European Karate Championship for Cadets, Juniors and U216 PORTUGAL (POR)Continental Championship
2014-01-10Karate1 Premier League - Paris 20144 FRANCE (FRA)Karate1 Premier League
2013-11-30Karate1 Premier League and Youth World Cup 2013 – Grand Final - Salzburg 20134 AUSTRIA (AUT)Karate1 Premier League
2013-10-18Sportaccord World Combat Games 20137 RUSSIAN FEDERATION (RUS)Invitational Championship
2013-09-21Karate1 Premier League - Frankfurt / Hanau 20134 GERMANY (GER)Karate1 Premier League
2013-09-07Karate1 Premier League - Istanbul 20133 TURKIYE (TUR)Karate1 Premier League
2013-07-06Karate1 - Youth Cup 20133 GREECE (GRE)Karate1 Youth League
2013-06-22Karate1 Premier League - Jakarta 20133 INDONESIA (INA)Karate1 Premier League
2013-05-16XXVII Pan-American Championships6 ARGENTINA (ARG)Continental Championship
2013-05-0948th European Senior Karate Championships6 HUNGARY (HUN)Continental Championship
2013-04-13Karate1 Tyumen 20134 RUSSIAN FEDERATION (RUS)Karate1 Premier League
2013-03-2914th Balkan Cadet & Junior 3th U21 18th Children1 SERBIA (SRB)WKF Accredited Competition
2013-03-16Karate1 Lasko 20133 SLOVENIA (SLO)Karate1 World Cup
2013-03-09Karate1 Dordrecht 20134 NETHERLANDS (NED)Karate1 Premier League
2013-02-0840th EKF Junior&Cadet Karate Champ. 5th Under 216 TURKIYE (TUR)Continental Championship
2013-01-19Karate1 Paris4 FRANCE (FRA)Karate1 Premier League
2012-12-08Karate1 Salzburg4 AUSTRIA (AUT)Karate1 Premier League
2012-11-2121st World Seniors Karate Championships12 FRANCE (FRA)World Championship
2012-10-13Karate1 Athens 20122 GREECE (GRE)Karate1 World Cup
2012-09-22Karate1 Hanau 20124 GERMANY (GER)Karate1 Premier League
2012-09-1515th Oceania Karate Championships4 AUSTRALIA (AUS)Continental Championship
2012-09-0314th UFAK Senior Championships4 MOROCCO (MAR)Continental Championship
2012-09-01Karate1 Turkey 20123 TURKIYE (TUR)Karate1 Premier League
2012-08-27XXIII Youth Panamerican Championships 20126 MEXICO (MEX)Continental Championship
2012-08-18Karate1 Korea 20122 REPUBLIC OF KOREA (KOR)Karate1 World Cup
2012-07-06Karate1 - Youth Cup2 GREECE (GRE)Karate1 Youth League
2012-06-23Karate1 Jakarta 20123 INDONESIA (INA)Karate1 Premier League
2012-05-31XXVI Pan-American Karate-do Championships6 NICARAGUA (NCA)Continental Championship
2012-05-1047th European Senior Karate Championships6 SPAIN (ESP)Continental Championship
2012-03-10Karate1 Nederlands 20124 NETHERLANDS (NED)Karate1 Premier League
2012-02-1039th EKF Junior&Cadet Karate Champ. 4th Under 216 AZERBAIJAN (AZE)Continental Championship
2012-01-14Karate1 Paris 20124 FRANCE (FRA)Karate1 Premier League
2011-11-12Karate1 - Salzburg 20114 AUSTRIA (AUT)Karate1 Premier League
2011-10-137th World Junior & Cadet Karate Championships / 2nt Under 21 years Cup12 MALAYSIA (MAS)World Championship
2011-09-17Karate1 - Istanbul 20114 TURKIYE (TUR)Karate1 Premier League
2011-05-0646th European Karate Senior Championships6 SWITZERLAND (SUI)Continental Championship
2011-02-1138th EKF Junior&Cadet Karate Champ.3rd Under 216 SERBIA (SRB)Continental Championship
2011-01-15Karate1 - Paris 20114 FRANCE (FRA)Karate1 Premier League
2010-10-2720th World Senior Karate Championships12 SERBIA (SRB)World Championship
2010-05-0745th European Karate Senior Championships6 GREECE (GRE)Continental Championship
2010-02-0537th EKF Junior&Cadet Karate Champ. 2nd Under 216 TURKIYE (TUR)Continental Championship
2009-11-126th World Junior&Cadet Karate Championships/ 1st Under 21year's Cup12 MOROCCO (MAR)World Championship
2009-05-0844th European Karate Senior Championships6 CROATIA (CRO)Continental Championship
2009-01-3036th EKF Junior&Cadet Karate Champ. 1st Under 216 FRANCE (FRA)Continental Championship
2008-11-1319th World Senior Karate Championships12 JAPAN (JPN)World Championship
2008-05-0243rd European Karate Senior Championships6 ESTONIA (EST)Continental Championship
2008-02-1535th European Junior & Cadet Karate Championships6 ITALY (ITA)Continental Championship
2007-10-195th World Junior & Cadet Karate Championships12 TURKIYE (TUR)World Championship
2007-05-0442nd European Karate Senior Championships6 SLOVAKIA (SVK)Continental Championship
2007-02-0934th European Junior & Cadet Karate Championships6 TURKIYE (TUR)Continental Championship
2006-10-1218th World Senior Karate Championships12 FINLAND (FIN)World Championship
2006-05-0541st European Karate Senior Championsips6 NORWAY (NOR)Continental Championship
2006-02-1733rd European Cadet & Junior Karate Championships6 SERBIA & MONTENEGRO (SCG)Continental Championship
2005-11-114th World Junior & Cadet Karate Championships12 CYPRUS (CYP)World Championship
2005-05-1340th European Karate Senior Championships6 SPAIN (ESP)Continental Championship
2005-02-1132nd European Cadet & Junior Karate Championships6 GREECE (GRE)Continental Championship
2004-11-1817th World Senior Karate Championships12 MEXICO (MEX)World Championship
2004-05-0739th European Karate Senior Championships6 RUSSIAN FEDERATION (RUS)Continental Championship
2004-02-1331st European Cadet & Junior Karate Championships6 CROATIA (CRO)Continental Championship
2003-10-243rd World Junior & Cadet Karate Championships12 FRANCE (FRA)World Championship
2003-05-0938th European Senior Karate Championships6 GERMANY (GER)Continental Championship
2003-02-1430th European Cadet & Junior Karate Championships6 POLAND (POL)Continental Championship
2002-11-2116th World Senior Karate Championships12 SPAIN (ESP)World Championship
2002-05-0337th European Karate Seniors Championships6 ESTONIA (EST)Continental Championship
2002-02-1529th European Karate Cadets&Juniors Championships6 GERMANY (GER)Continental Championship
2001-10-122nd World Karate Cadet & Junior Championships12 GREECE (GRE)World Championship
2001-05-1136th European Karate Seniors Championships6 BULGARIA (BUL)Continental Championship
2001-02-0928th European Karate Cadet & Junior Championships6 CYPRUS (CYP)Continental Championship