DateEventResultsMedal StatisticEvent FactorCountryType
2024-06-22Thailand Open Grand Prix 20241 THAILAND (THA)A Class Tournament
2024-06-21Thailand Open Regional 20241 THAILAND (THA)B Class Tournament
2024-06-09Dutch National Championships 20241 NETHERLANDS (NED)National Championship
2024-05-23Adults European Championship 20241 GERMANY (GER)Continental Championship
2024-05-11German National Championships U18 20241 GERMANY (GER)National Championship
2024-05-05Adults Asian Championship Youth 20241 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (UAE)Continental Championship
2024-05-01Adults Asian Championship 20241 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (UAE)Continental Championship
2024-04-27Paris Open Grand Prix 20241 FRANCE (FRA)A Class Tournament
2024-04-04U16/U18/U21 European Championship 20241 ROMANIA (ROU)Continental Championship
2024-03-16German National Championships Adults and U21 20241 GERMANY (GER)National Championship
2024-03-10EuropaCup Duo/Show 20241 BELGIUM (BEL)B Class Tournament
2024-03-09EuropaCup Fighting System 20241 BELGIUM (BEL)B Class Tournament
2024-02-02Genoa Open Regional 20241 ITALY (ITA)B Class Tournament
2023-11-23Adults European Championship 20231 CROATIA (CRO)Continental Championship
2023-11-17Adults African Championship 20231 MOROCCO (MAR)Continental Championship
2023-11-03Adults PanAmerican Championship 20231 ARGENTINA (ARG)Continental Championship
2023-10-23World Combat Games 20231 SAUDI ARABIA (KSA)World Games / Combat Games
2023-09-30German Open Regional 20231 GERMANY (GER)B Class Tournament
2023-09-15Balkan Open Regional 20231 MONTENEGRO (MNE)B Class Tournament
2023-08-22U16/U18/U21 World Championships 20231 KAZAKHSTAN (KAZ)World Championship
2023-07-15Adults World Championships 20231 MONGOLIA (MGL)World Championship
2023-06-18World Cup Jiu Jitsu 20231 ISRAEL (ISR)B Class Tournament
2023-05-23WORLD CUP CONTACT JU JITSU 20231 THAILAND (THA)B Class Tournament
2023-05-20Thailand Open Grand Prix 20231 THAILAND (THA)A Class Tournament
2023-05-0432ND SOUTHEAST ASIAN GAMES 20231 CAMBODIA (CAM)B Class Tournament
2023-04-22Paris Open Grand Prix 20231 FRANCE (FRA)A Class Tournament
2023-03-24Deutsche Einzelmeisterschaften 20231 GERMANY (GER)National Championship
2023-03-10U16/U18/U21 European Championship 20231 FRANCE (FRA)Continental Championship
2023-02-24Adults Asian Championship 20231 THAILAND (THA)Continental Championship
2023-02-19Dutch National Championships 20231 NETHERLANDS (NED)National Championship
2022-10-26Adults World Championships 20221 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (UAE)World Championship
2022-10-26U16/U18/U21 World Championships 20221 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (UAE)World Championship
2022-09-30German Open Grand Prix 20221 GERMANY (GER)A Class Tournament
2022-09-30German Open Regional 20221 GERMANY (GER)B Class Tournament
2022-09-23South American Open Regional 20221 COLOMBIA (COL)B Class Tournament
2022-09-16Balkan Open Regional 20221 BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA (BIH)B Class Tournament
2022-07-18Adults PanAmerican Championship 20221 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)Continental Championship
2022-07-15World Games 20221 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)World Games / Combat Games
2022-06-24Mediterranean Open Regional 20221 ITALY (ITA)B Class Tournament
2022-06-17Thailand Open Grand Prix 20221 THAILAND (THA)A Class Tournament
2022-06-17Thailand Open U18 Regional 20221 THAILAND (THA)B Class Tournament
2022-05-26Adults European Championship 20221 ISRAEL (ISR)Continental Championship
2022-05-14SEA Games 2021 (2022)1 VIETNAM (VIE)A Class Tournament
2022-05-07Deutsche Sch├╝lermeisterschaften 20221 GERMANY (GER)National Championship
2022-04-23Paris Open Grand Prix 20221 FRANCE (FRA)A Class Tournament
2022-04-01U16/U18/U21 European Championship 20221 GREECE (GRE)Continental Championship
2022-03-28Adults Asian Championship 20221 BAHRAIN (BRN)Continental Championship
2022-03-26Deutsche Einzelmeisterschaften 20221 GERMANY (GER)National Championship
2022-03-24Adults African Championship 20221 ANGOLA (ANG)Continental Championship
2022-02-20Dutch National Championships 20221 NETHERLANDS (NED)National Championship
2021-12-18Austrian National Championships 20211 AUSTRIA (AUT)National Championship
2021-12-03Adults PanAmerican Championship 20211 COLOMBIA (COL)Continental Championship
2021-11-03Adults World Championships 20211 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (UAE)World Championship
2021-11-03U16/U18/U21 World Championships 20211 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (UAE)World Championship
2021-10-02German National Championships 20211 GERMANY (GER)National Championship
2021-09-24European Championship Duo/Show/Fighting 2021 U18 and U211 GERMANY (GER)Continental Championship
2021-09-16Adults Asian Championship 20211 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (UAE)Continental Championship
2021-07-17Adults European Championship 20211 GERMANY (GER)Continental Championship
2020-03-08Dutch National Championships 20201 NETHERLANDS (NED)National Championship
2019-11-19Adults World Championships 20191 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (UAE)World Championship
2019-11-15U18/U21 World Championships 20191 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (UAE)World Championship
2019-10-27U18/U21 European Championship 2019 1 GREECE (GRE)Continental Championship
2019-10-27U16 World Championships 20191 GREECE (GRE)World Championship
2019-10-11Adults Panamerican Championship 20191 URUGUAY (URU)Continental Championship
2019-10-06German Open 20191 GERMANY (GER)A Class Tournament
2019-09-132019 Balkan Open1 ROMANIA (ROU)A Class Tournament
2019-08-12Ju Jitsu Thailand Open 20191 THAILAND (THA)A Class Tournament
2019-07-18Asian Championship 20191 MONGOLIA (MGL)Continental Championship
2019-07-14COLOMBIA OPEN1 COLOMBIA (COL)A Class Tournament
2019-06-02European Championship 20191 ROMANIA (ROU)Continental Championship
2019-05-24Nur Sultan Grand Prix1 KAZAKHSTAN (KAZ)A Class Tournament
2019-04-28Grand Slam Paris Open 20191 FRANCE (FRA)A Class Tournament
2019-04-08South Asian Open 20191 INDIA (IND)A Class Tournament
2019-04-04AFRICAN CHAMPIONSHIP1 MOROCCO (MAR)Continental Championship
2018-11-23Seniors World Championships 20181 SWEDEN (SWE)World Championship
2018-10-26European Championship JuJitsu for U18 and U21 1 ITALY (ITA)Continental Championship
2018-10-06German Open 2018 1 GERMANY (GER)A Class Tournament
2018-09-21Balkan Open 20181 GREECE (GRE)A Class Tournament
2018-07-16Asian Championship 20181 KAZAKHSTAN (KAZ)Continental Championship
2018-06-06Ju Jitsu Thailand Open - South East Asian Championship1 THAILAND (THA)A Class Tournament
2018-06-01European Championship for Seniors1 POLAND (POL)Continental Championship
2018-04-28Grand Slam Paris Open 20181 FRANCE (FRA)A Class Tournament
2018-03-01World Championship Juniors and Aspirants 20181 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (UAE)World Championship
2017-11-24Senior World Championship 20171 COLOMBIA (COL)World Championship
2017-10-27European Championship Juniors and Aspirants 20171 ROMANIA (ROU)Continental Championship
2017-09-29German Open 20171 GERMANY (GER)A Class Tournament
2017-09-22Balkan Championship 20171 MONTENEGRO (MNE)A Class Tournament
2017-08-25Panamerican Senior Championship 20171 MEXICO (MEX)Continental Championship
2017-08-12Asian Championship 20171 VIETNAM (VIE)Continental Championship
2017-07-28World Games 20171 POLAND (POL)World Games / Combat Games
2017-06-03Senior European Championship 20171 BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA (BIH)Continental Championship
2017-04-29Paris Open 20171 FRANCE (FRA)A Class Tournament