DateEventResultsEvent FactorCountryType
2019-10-23WKF Cadet, Junior & U21 World Championships 2019 - Santiago results12 CHILE (CHI)Ranked Event
2019-10-0520-th Euro Grand Prix - Pilsenresults1 CZECH REPUPLIC (CZE)Ranked Event
2019-10-04Croatia Open 2019results1.5 CROATIA (CRO)Ranked Event
2019-10-04Karate1 Premier League - Moscow 2019results6 RUSSIA (RUS)Ranked Event
2019-09-27Karate1 Youth League - Mexico 2019 results3 MEXICO (MEX)Ranked Event
2019-09-20Lion Cup 2019results1.5 LUXEMBOURG (LUX)Ranked Event
2019-09-20Karate1 Series A - Santiago 2019 results3 CHILE (CHI)Ranked Event
2019-09-06Karate1 Premier League - Tokyo 2019results6 JAPAN (JPN)Ranked Event
2019-07-05WKF U21 Cup 2019results1.5 CROATIA (CRO)Ranked Event
2019-07-05Karate1 Youth League - Umag 2019 results3 CROATIA (CRO)Ranked Event
2019-06-29European Games 2019results6 BELARUS (BLR)Ranked Event
2019-06-22Austrian Junior Open 2019results1 AUSTRIA (AUT)Ranked Event
2019-06-21Karate1 Series A - Montreal 2019results3 CANADA (CAN)Ranked Event
2019-06-07Karate1 Premier League - Shanghai 2019results6 PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF CHINA (CHN)Ranked Event
2019-05-18Eurocup 2019results1 AUSTRIA (AUT)Ranked Event
2019-05-17Karate1 Series A - Istanbul 2019results3 TURKEY (TUR)Ranked Event
2019-05-03Karate1 Youth League - Limassol 2019 results3 CYPRUS (CYR)Ranked Event
2019-04-27U21 Randori 2019results1 GERMANY (GER)Ranked Event
2019-04-27RHEINLAND-PFALZ OPEN 2019 - 24. KROKOYAMA-CUP results1 GERMANY (GER)Ranked Event
2019-04-19Karate1 Premier League - Rabat 2019results6 MOROCCO (MAR)Ranked Event
2019-03-2854th EKF Senior Championships - Guadalajara results6 SPAIN (ESP)Ranked Event
2019-03-02Karate1 Series A - Salzburg 2019results3 AUSTRIA (AUT)Ranked Event
2019-02-15Karate1 Premier League - Dubai 2019results6 SWITZERLAND (SUI)Ranked Event
2019-02-0846th EKF Junior & Cadet and U21 Championships - Aalborg results6 DENMARK (DEN)Ranked Event
2019-01-25Karate1 Premier League - Paris 2019results6 FRANCE (FRA)Ranked Event
2019-01-19AUSTRIAN KARATE CHAMPIONSCUP 2019results1.5 AUSTRIA (AUT)Ranked Event
2018-12-14Karate1 Youth League - Caorle-Venice 2018results3 ITALY (ITA)Ranked Event
2018-12-09KARATE1 SERIES A SHANGHAI 2018results3 SWITZERLAND (SUI)Ranked Event
2018-11-06WKF Senior World Championships 2018 results12 SPAIN (ESP)Ranked Event
2018-10-27Karate1 Youth League - Cancun-Quitana Roo 2018 results3 MEXICO (MEX)Ranked Event
2018-10-1319-th Euro Grand Prix - Pilsenresults1.2 CZECH REPUPLIC (CZE)Ranked Event
2018-10-12Karate1 Premier League - Tokyo 2018results4 JAPAN (JPN)Ranked Event
2018-09-2818th Croatia Open 2018results1.5 CROATIA (CRO)Ranked Event
2018-09-21Lion Cup 2018results1.5 LUXEMBOURG (LUX)Ranked Event
2018-09-14Karate1 Premier League - Berlin 2018results4 GERMANY (GER)Ranked Event
2018-07-06Karate1 Youth League - Umag 2018results3 CROATIA (CRO)Ranked Event
2018-06-23AUSTRIAN JUNIOR OPEN 2018results1 AUSTRIA (AUT)Ranked Event
2018-06-08Karate1 Premier League - Istanbul 2018results4 TURKEY (TUR)Ranked Event
2018-06-05Umag 2018 U21 Cupresults1.5 CROATIA (CRO)Ranked Event
2018-05-25Karate1 Youth League - Sofia 2018results3 BULGARIA (BUL)Ranked Event
2018-05-1053rd EKF Senior Championshipsresults6 SERBIA (SRB)Ranked Event
2018-04-28EUROCUP 2018results1 AUSTRIA (AUT)Ranked Event
2018-04-07RHEINLAND-PFALZ OPEN 2018 - 23. KROKOYAMA-CUPresults1 GERMANY (GER)Ranked Event
2018-04-06Karate1 Premier League - Rabat 2018results4 MOROCCO (MAR)Ranked Event
2018-03-16Karate1 Premier League - Rotterdam 2018results4 NETHERLANDS (NED)Ranked Event
2018-03-02Karate1 Series A - Salzburg 2018results3 AUSTRIA (AUT)Ranked Event
2018-02-16Karate1 Premier League - Dubai 2018results4 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (UAE)Ranked Event
2018-02-09Karate1 Series A - Guadalajara 2018results3 SPAIN (ESP)Ranked Event
2018-02-0245th EKF Junior & Cadet and U21 Championshipsresults6 RUSSIA (RUS)Ranked Event
2018-01-26Karate1 Premier League - Paris 2018results4 FRANCE (FRA)Ranked Event
2018-01-20AUSTRIAN KARATE CHAMPIONSCUP 2018results1.5 AUSTRIA (AUT)Ranked Event
2017-11-25Karate1 Series A - Okinawa 2017results3 JAPAN (JPN)Ranked Event
2017-10-25World Junior, Cadet and U21 Championships 2017results12 SPAIN (ESP)Ranked Event
2017-10-07Karate1 Series A - Salzburg 2017results3 AUSTRIA (AUT)Ranked Event
2017-09-3018-th Euro Grand Prix - Pilsenresults1.2 CZECH REPUPLIC (CZE)Ranked Event
2017-09-29Croatia Open 2017results2 CROATIA (CRO)Ranked Event
2017-09-23Karate1 Series A - Istanbul 2017results3 TURKEY (TUR)Ranked Event
2017-09-15Lion Cup - Luxembourg 2017results1.5 LUXEMBOURG (LUX)Ranked Event
2017-09-08Karate1 Premier League - Halle/Leipzig 2017results4 GERMANY (GER)Ranked Event
2017-06-2610th WKF Training Camp & Karate1 Youth Cupresults1.5 CROATIA (CRO)Ranked Event
2017-06-24AUSTRIAN JUNIOR OPEN 2017results1 AUSTRIA (AUT)Ranked Event
2017-06-17Karate1 Series A - Toledo 2017results3 SPAIN (ESP)Ranked Event
2017-05-28U21 Randori Germanyresults1 SWITZERLAND (SUI)Ranked Event
2017-05-13EUROCUP 2017results1 AUSTRIA (AUT)Ranked Event
2017-05-0452nd EKF Senior Championshipsresults6 TURKEY (TUR)Ranked Event
2017-04-22RHEINLAND-PFALZ OPEN 2017 - 22. KROKOYAMA-CUPresults1 GERMANY (GER)Ranked Event
2017-04-14Karate1 Premier League - Rabat 2017results4 MOROCCO (MAR)Ranked Event
2017-03-31Karate1 Premier League - Dubai 2017results4 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (UAE)Ranked Event
2017-03-17Karate1 Premier League - Rotterdam 2017results4 NETHERLANDS (NED)Ranked Event
2017-02-1744th EKF Junior, Cadet and U21 Championshipsresults6 BULGARIA (BUL)Ranked Event
2017-01-27Karate1 Premier League - Paris 2017results4 FRANCE (FRA)Ranked Event
2017-01-21AUSTRIAN KARATE CHAMPIONSCUP 2017results1.3 AUSTRIA (AUT)Ranked Event