DateEventTypeCategoryEvent FactorRankMatches WonPointsActual Points
2020-02-07 47th EKF Junior & Cadet and U21 Championships - Budapest  (HUN)Continental ChampionshipUnder 21 Kata Female6 3rd Place4510510
2019-09-20 Karate1 Series A - Santiago 2019  (CHI)Karate1 Series AFemale Kata3Participation01515
2018-12-07 Karate1 Series A - Shanghai 2018  (CHN)Karate1 Series AFemale Kata3Participation0157.5
2018-09-21 Karate1 Series A - Santiago 2018 (CHI)Karate1 Series AFemale Kata3Participation0157.5
2018-02-16 Karate1 Premier League - Dubai 2018 (UAE)Karate1 Premier LeagueFemale Kata6Participation0300
2018-02-09 Karate1 Series A - Guadalajara 2018 (ESP)Karate1 Series AFemale Kata3Participation0150
2018-02-02 45th EKF Junior & Cadet and U21 Championships (RUS)Continental ChampionshipJunior Kata Female6Participation0300
2017-11-27 Karate1 Series A - Okinawa 2017 (JPN)Karate1 Series AFemale Kata3Participation1450
2017-10-25 World Junior, Cadet and U21 Championships 2017 (ESP)World ChampionshipJunior Kata Female12 3rd Place410200
2017-10-07 Karate1 Series A - Salzburg 2017 (AUT)Karate1 Series AFemale Kata3Participation1450
2017-09-08 Karate1 Premier League - Halle/Leipzig 2017 (GER)Karate1 Premier LeagueFemale Kata5Participation1750
2017-06-26 10th WKF Training Camp & Karate1 Youth Cup (CRO)Karate1 Youth LeagueJunior Kata Female3 3rd Place63150
2017-06-17 Karate1 Series A - Toledo 2017 (ESP)Karate1 Series AFemale Kata3Participation1450
2017-02-17 44th EKF Junior, Cadet and U21 Championships (BUL)Continental ChampionshipJunior Kata Female6 3rd Place45100
2017-01-27 Karate1 Premier League - Paris 2017 (FRA)Karate1 Premier LeagueFemale Kata5Participation1750
2016-09-23 Karate1 Premier League - Hamburg 2016 (GER)Karate1 Premier LeagueFemale Kata4Participation1600
2016-06-27 Karate1 Youth Cup Umag 2016 (CRO)Karate1 Youth LeagueCadet Kata Female3 3rd Place52850
2016-02-05 43rd EKF Junior, Cadet and U21 Championships (CYP)Continental ChampionshipCadet Kata Female6 1st Place59300
2015-11-12 World Junior, Cadet and U21 Championships 2015 (INA)World ChampionshipCadet Kata Female12 2nd Place410320
2015-06-29 Karate1 Youth Cup 2015 (CRO)Karate1 Youth LeagueCadet Kata Female3 3rd Place52220
2015-02-06 42nd EKF Junior, Cadet and U21 Championships (SUI)Continental ChampionshipCadet Kata Female6 2nd Place45160

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