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DateEventTypeCategoryEvent FactorRankMatches WonPointsActual Points
2017-09-08 Karate1 Premier League - Halle/Leipzig 2017 (GER)Karate1 Premier LeagueMale Kata55th Place5425425
2017-05-23 XXXI Adults Pan American Karate Championship Curacao 2017 (CUR)Continental ChampionshipMale Kata6 1st Place4870870
2017-03-31 Karate1 Premier League - Dubai 2017 (UAE)Karate1 Premier LeagueMale Kata5Participation2125125
2016-10-26 WKF World Senior Championships 2016 (AUT)World ChampionshipMale Kata12 3rd Place511401140
2016-09-23 Karate1 Premier League - Hamburg 2016 (GER)Karate1 Premier LeagueMale Kata4 1st Place8740740
2016-05-23 XXX Adults Pan American Karate Championship RIO 2016 (BRA)Continental ChampionshipMale Kata6 1st Place4870435
2016-04-15 Karate1 Premier League - Salzburg 2016 (AUT)Karate1 Premier LeagueMale Kata4 1st Place7700350
2016-01-22 Karate1 Premier League - Paris 2016 (FRA)Karate1 Premier LeagueMale Kata4Participation314070
2015-11-28 Karate1 Premier League - Okinawa 2015 (JPN)Karate1 Premier LeagueMale Kata3Participation13618
2015-03-19 XXIX Pan American Adult Karate Championship - Toronto 2015 (CAN)Continental ChampionshipMale Kata6 1st Place46360
2014-11-05 WKF World Senior Championships 2014 (GER)World ChampionshipMale Kata12 3rd Place58880
2014-09-27 Karate1 Premier League - Hanau 2014 (GER)Karate1 Premier LeagueMale Kata4 1st Place75200
2014-05-26 XXVIII Pan American Adult Karate Championship - Lima 2014 (PER)Continental ChampionshipMale Kata6 1st Place67320
2014-03-08 Karate1 Premier League - Lotto Dutch Open 2014 - Almere Nederland (NED)Karate1 Premier LeagueMale Kata4Participation2800
2013-10-18 Sportaccord World Combat Games 2013 (RUS)Invitational ChampionshipMale Kata7 1st Place57980
2013-05-16 XXVII Pan-American Championships (ARG)Continental ChampionshipMale Kata6 1st Place56840
2012-12-08 Karate1 Salzburg (AUT)Karate1 Premier LeagueMale Kata4 1st Place64880
2012-11-21 21st World Seniors Karate Championships (FRA)World ChampionshipMale Kata12 1st Place715600
2012-09-22 Karate1 Hanau 2012 (GER)Karate1 Premier LeagueMale Kata4 1st Place75200
2012-09-01 Karate1 Turkey 2012 (TUR)Karate1 Premier LeagueMale Kata3 3rd Place52220
2012-06-23 Karate1 Jakarta 2012 (INA)Karate1 Premier LeagueMale Kata3 1st Place53420
2012-05-31 XXVI Pan-American Karate-do Championships (NCA)Continental ChampionshipMale Kata6 1st Place56840
2012-01-14 Karate1 Paris 2012 (FRA)Karate1 Premier LeagueMale Kata4 1st Place75200
2011-11-12 Karate1 - Salzburg 2011 (AUT)Karate1 Premier LeagueMale Kata4 1st Place77000
2011-09-17 Karate1 - Istanbul 2011 (TUR)Karate1 Premier LeagueMale Kata4 1st Place66600
2011-01-15 Karate1 - Paris 2011 (FRA)Karate1 Premier LeagueMale Kata4 1st Place56200
2010-10-27 20th World Senior Karate Championships (SRB)World ChampionshipMale Kata12 1st Place614640
2008-11-13 19th World Senior Karate Championships (JPN)World ChampionshipMale Kata12 2nd Place06480
2006-10-12 18th World Senior Karate Championships (FIN)World ChampionshipMale Kata12 3rd Place04080
2004-11-18 17th World Senior Karate Championships (MEX)World ChampionshipMale Kata12 3rd Place04080
2002-11-21 16th World Senior Karate Championships (ESP)World ChampionshipMale Kata12 3rd Place04080