DateEventTypeCategoryEvent FactorRankMatches WonPointsActual Points
2020-02-14 Karate1 Premier League - Dubai 2020 (UAE)Karate1 Premier LeagueFemale Kata619th Place03030
2020-01-24 Karate1 Premier League - Paris 2020 (FRA)Karate1 Premier LeagueFemale Kata6Participation03030
2020-01-10 Karate1 Series A - Santiago 2020 (CHI)Karate1 Series AFemale Kata315th Place17575
2019-11-29 Karate1 Premier League - Madrid 2019 (ESP)Karate1 Premier LeagueFemale Kata631th Place19090
2019-10-04 Karate1 Premier League - Moscow 2019 (RUS)Karate1 Premier LeagueFemale Kata619th Place03030
2019-09-20 Karate1 Series A - Santiago 2019  (CHI)Karate1 Series AFemale Kata327th Place14545
2019-09-06 Karate1 Premier League - Tokyo 2019  (JPN)Karate1 Premier LeagueFemale Kata625th Place19090
2019-06-21 Karate1 Series A - Montreal 2019 (CAN)Karate1 Series AFemale Kata319th Place14545
2019-06-07 Karate1 Premier League - Shanghai 2019 (CHN)Karate1 Premier LeagueFemale Kata615th Place1150150
2019-05-17 Karate1 Series A - Istanbul 2019 (TUR)Karate1 Series AFemale Kata3Participation01515
2019-04-19 Karate1 Premier League - Rabat 2019 (MAR)Karate1 Premier LeagueFemale Kata625th Place19090
2019-03-01 Karate1 Series A - Salzburg 2019 (AUT)Karate1 Series AFemale Kata321th Place27575
2019-02-15 Karate1 Premier League - Dubai 2019  (UAE)Karate1 Premier LeagueFemale Kata621th Place19090
2019-01-25 Karate1 Premier League - Paris 2019 (FRA)Karate1 Premier LeagueFemale Kata621th Place19045
2018-12-07 Karate1 Series A - Shanghai 2018  (CHN)Karate1 Series AFemale Kata35th Place5255127.5
2018-10-12 Karate1 Premier League - Tokyo 2018 (JPN)Karate1 Premier LeagueFemale Kata6Participation215075
2018-09-14 Karate1 Premier League - Berlin 2018 (GER)Karate1 Premier LeagueFemale Kata69th Place2210105
2018-01-26 Karate1 Premier League - Paris 2018 (FRA)Karate1 Premier LeagueFemale Kata6Participation0300
2017-05-04 52nd EKF Senior Championships (TUR)Continental ChampionshipFemale Kata6 3rd Place34500
2017-03-17 Karate1 Premier League - Rotterdam 2017 (NED)Karate1 Premier LeagueFemale Kata55th Place43750
2017-01-27 Karate1 Premier League - Paris 2017 (FRA)Karate1 Premier LeagueFemale Kata5 2nd Place66750
2016-05-05 51st EKF Senior Championships (FRA)Continental ChampionshipFemale Kata6 2nd Place46900
2016-01-22 Karate1 Premier League - Paris 2016 (FRA)Karate1 Premier LeagueFemale Kata4Participation31400
2015-10-17 Karate1 Premier League - Salzburg 2015 (AUT)Karate1 Premier LeagueFemale Kata4 3rd Place63280
2015-09-05 Karate1 Premier League - Istanbul 2015 (TUR)Karate1 Premier LeagueFemale Kata4 2nd Place53760
2015-03-19 50th EKF Senior Championships (TUR)Continental ChampionshipFemale Kata65th Place22400
2015-02-14 Karate1 Premier League - Almere 2015  (NED)Karate1 Premier LeagueFemale Kata4Participation0160
2015-01-23 Karate1 Premier League - Paris 2015  (FRA)Karate1 Premier LeagueFemale Kata4Participation0160
2014-11-05 WKF World Senior Championships 2014 (GER)World ChampionshipFemale Kata12 2nd Place410320
2014-09-27 Karate1 Premier League - Hanau 2014 (GER)Karate1 Premier LeagueFemale Kata4 1st Place75200
2014-09-06 Karate1 Premier League - Istanbul 2014 (TUR)Karate1 Premier LeagueFemale Kata45th Place31920
2014-05-01 49th European Senior Championships 2014 (FIN)Continental ChampionshipFemale Kata6 3rd Place33480
2014-01-10 Karate1 Premier League - Paris 2014 (FRA)Karate1 Premier LeagueFemale Kata4 1st Place54560
2013-11-30 Karate1 Premier League and Youth World Cup 2013 – Grand Final - Salzburg 2013 (AUT)Karate1 Premier LeagueFemale Kata4 1st Place64880
2013-10-18 Sportaccord World Combat Games 2013 (RUS)Invitational ChampionshipFemale Kata7 1st Place47420
2013-05-09 48th European Senior Karate Championships (HUN)Continental ChampionshipFemale Kata6 3rd Place43960
2013-01-19 Karate1 Paris (FRA)Karate1 Premier LeagueFemale Kata4 3rd Place52960
2012-12-08 Karate1 Salzburg (AUT)Karate1 Premier LeagueFemale Kata4 1st Place64880
2012-11-21 21st World Seniors Karate Championships (FRA)World ChampionshipFemale Kata12 2nd Place511280
2012-09-22 Karate1 Hanau 2012 (GER)Karate1 Premier LeagueFemale Kata4Participation1480
2012-08-18 Karate1 Korea 2012 (KOR)Karate1 World CupFemale Kata2 1st Place52280
2012-06-23 Karate1 Jakarta 2012 (INA)Karate1 Premier LeagueFemale Kata35th Place31440
2012-05-10 47th European Senior Karate Championships (ESP)Continental ChampionshipFemale Kata6 2nd Place45160
2012-03-10 Karate1 Nederlands 2012 (NED)Karate1 Premier LeagueFemale Kata4 3rd Place52960
2012-01-14 Karate1 Paris 2012 (FRA)Karate1 Premier LeagueFemale Kata4 3rd Place63280
2011-11-12 Karate1 - Salzburg 2011 (AUT)Karate1 Premier LeagueFemale Kata4 3rd Place53800
2011-09-17 Karate1 - Istanbul 2011 (TUR)Karate1 Premier LeagueFemale Kata4 1st Place56200
2011-05-06 46th European Karate Senior Championships (SUI)Continental ChampionshipFemale Kata6 2nd Place45160
2011-01-15 Karate1 - Paris 2011 (FRA)Karate1 Premier LeagueFemale Kata4 2nd Place44600
2010-10-27 20th World Senior Karate Championships (SRB)World ChampionshipFemale Kata12Participation22400
2010-05-07 45th European Karate Senior Championships (GRE)Continental ChampionshipFemale Kata6 2nd Place45160
2009-05-08 44th European Karate Senior Championships (CRO)Continental ChampionshipFemale Kata6 3rd Place54440
2008-11-13 19th World Senior Karate Championships (JPN)World ChampionshipFemale Kata12Participation0480
2006-02-17 33rd European Cadet & Junior Karate Championships (SCG)Continental ChampionshipJunior Kata Female6 1st Place04440
2005-11-11 4th World Junior & Cadet Karate Championships (CYP)World ChampionshipJunior Kata Female12Participation0480
2005-02-11 32nd European Cadet & Junior Karate Championships (GRE)Continental ChampionshipJunior Kata Female6 1st Place04440
2004-02-13 31st European Cadet & Junior Karate Championships (CRO)Continental ChampionshipJunior Kata Female6 1st Place04440
2003-02-14 30th European Cadet & Junior Karate Championships (POL)Continental ChampionshipCadet Kata Female6 3rd Place02040